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Yuexing group after 26 years of fast development, currently employees more than 10,000 on duty that owns four group of commercial, real estate,furniture, industrial, the main business includes the large commercial complex, furniture production, furniture commercial chain. Yuexing Group is one of the top 500 non-state-owned companies for 15 years in China.

Yuexing group engaged in construction and operation of large commercial complexes and commercial real estate projects, the projects already built or under construction in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Xinjiang, Liaoning, Anhui and other provinces and municipalities. Among them, the world's largest shopping mall in downtown, 480,000-square-meter Shanghai global harbor already opened to meet the guest in 2013. 880,000-square-"1MALL"-Changzhou Yuexing global harbor will be opening soon , marking the yuexing group will enter a rapid phase of development.

Yuexing furnishing group is the large furnishing plaza chain,and the leader in furniture industry, to "comprehensively improve the quality of Chinese living culture" as the purpose, Yuexing furnishing Group is the earliest company introduced Shopping Mall business and furniture related products to the furnishing plaza, it meets the demand of one-stop shopping. On the basis of accumulated precipitation in more than 20 years, yuexing Group was formally launched the plan "hundreds of stores" in March 2010. In order to promote the culture of the furniture store, shopping environment and service standard,designer visted the century-old shop Harrods in the United Kingdom , we have been starting to build " Harold of furniture in China ," yuexing furnishing plaza is upgrading from platform mall to furniture theme Mall.

Yuexing industry group is the country's best known furniture manufacturer, was awarded "Well-Known Trademark of China " and "China famous brand" double titles, owns "Van Gogh fine house", "the Empire craftsman" and "loving homes" 3 high-end furniture brands, sales network over 68 cities around the world. "Yuexing hotel furniture" is the brand of choice for many of the best international hotel management group and cooperated with the top landmarks of many cities for example: the great Hall of people,the China Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo , Shanghai world financial center,Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Los Angeles, Shenzhen Seasons Hotel, also other hundreds of five-star hotels in the world.

Yuexing Group built visibility and reputation of our own brand for 25 years, yuexing people always remember that "grateful for favors received ," . For more than 20 years, yuexing cumulative donate exceeding billion RMB to the society, many charitable institutions and involving the people's livelihood and important undertaking has mark of "Yue XING" .Such a high sense of social responsibility has penetrated in Yuexing culture.

Yuexing steadfastly march toward "Better, stronger, bigger " , we will keep all the business evergreen forever and achieve mission of "the century-old shop". All the Yuexing people will as always stick to the ideal , to be creative, and shoulder the responsibility of the times with greater courage and wisdom